The Proof is in the Photos


The dogs can pick where they want to sleep.  We are a roam free home.  

Outside time

We have nearly 2 acres of yard and pasture.  Most of our guests prefer to stay close to the house where the beds are.

Feeding time!

We have a kitchen for dog food only prep and feeding of the dogs.  We provide all the bowls and stands.  Clean fresh water is available at all times.


Daily walks are required here.  The dogs needs it and they count on it.  No extra charge for daily walks.  

Fast Friends

Greyhounds are a very social dog.  They desire the affection and comfort of the human and their peers.  All dogs reside muzzle free in our home.

Family Affair

The Guerrero's have been in dog rescue and foster work for 12 years.  Our children are raised to respect and assist with all feeding, grooming, bed changing, poo/pee cleaning, and walks.  This includes family time in the den and loves and hugs.  Our environment is all about the dogs!